Kathaa 72

  • released date 2018-12-14
  • director Prabin Syangbo
  • cast Akash Magar, Supriya Rana, Bhuisal Lama, Palmo Sanju Tamang, Kedar Shrestha, Sharada Adhikari, Romash Emerald Bishwodeep
  • genre Drama, Social
  • duration 135 Min
plot description

An aloof and a distant man learns the true meaning of home and also learns to see the women in his life in a new light before leaving his earthquake shattered country. In the aftermath of the earthquake that destroyed their home, Palden lives with his mother in a makeshift cottage at Bhotang in Sindhupalchowk district. Planning to leave for the Middle East because he finds no purpose in living his life in his ‘god-forsaken’ country, he visits his estranged sister, completes the funeral rites for his grandfather and embark alongside his mother on a pilgrimage to Paanchpokhari, all the while becoming emotionally involved with a girl he had previously rejected for marriage. He will realise that leaving his country is just him trying to escape his own fears of mortality and it may only be closure with his estranged family that will finally bring him peace with the world around him.