The Company

In 1997, Guna Group began with the hope of entertaining the public. A perfect blend of modernization and nativity is displayed in the names of the theaters. It is now a multiplex with 8 screens under one roof. They use the first 8 alphabets of the Devanagari Script.

“Guna Cinema takes pride in being the first movie theater in Nepal to use a dynamic sound system and to screen movies on the largest screen.”

Changing the face of Nepali Cinema Business, Guna Cinema was meant to stay. 20 successful years later it still strives on making it better. Like one says, you are your own competitor.

‘’Films are an integral part of our life and our culture. Which is why, I believe it should be accessible to everyone in our society. We are working diligently to enhance the film viewing experience in our theatre and making it as economical as possible for our audience’’,

Managing Director – Diprash Shakya

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